Dick Bruna’s Miffy has been a longtime favorite around here–you know, cute little bunny from Holland? X for a mouth? So of course my kids were happy to get to play with Miffy’s brand new iPad app.

Along the lines of Mo Willems’ Pigeon App, the all new Miffy’s Garden app is an ebook that’s more than an ebook. There are three simple, intuitive games that allow kids to count carrots, match shapes, or decorate a garden, Colorforms style. The 2-4 year old set will adore it.

As for the book part, I like that you can either read the story, have it read to you (with a British accent that always makes books sound more erudite), or record your own voice as narrator. The last option is a sweet way to get Grandma to “read you a bedtime story” even when she’s far away, or for early readers to develop confidence in their own skills. And you can save up to 3 voices at a time, so there’s no need to delete any favorites.

The best part? After playing, my girls asked for carrots for a snack. Score. –Liz

Find Miffy’s Garden app for iPad 4.0 at the app store for $4.99, with an upcoming iPhone app for $1.99.

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