I was buying printer ink the other day on Amazon and even though my purchase came to $16.99, I found other non-essentials to throw into my cart just so I could raise my total to $25 and get the free shipping. Sound familiar?

I contemplate upgrading to Amazon Prime every time I shop on the site, and its recent announcement about the huge content addition to Prime Instant Video makes that decision to upgrade so much easier.

Amazon just recently announced that it’s adding about 3,000 more titles to its instant video delivery service, making countless TV and movie options available for streaming online, onto your PC, Roku, and of course, the Kindle Fire.

Amazon has partnered with Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet and other popular networks to offer awesome additional content that can be streamed for free (or discounted for movies) if you’re a Prime member. That means choices like Glee, Cake Boss, Mythbusters, and season 1 of Yo Gabba Gabba!, for you new parents who have not yet discovered the quirky joy that is There’s a Party in My Tummy.

Plus there’s 24, which I know a lot of parents have always wanted to get into but never found the time.

After paying the $79 Prime membership fee, not only do you have access to all this entertainment, but you also get free two-day shipping on every purchase you make. Honestly, considering all the times I’ve spent more just to get free shipping on Amazon probably amounts to much more than the annual Prime membership fee.

Existing Amazon Prime members can start watching the new content now. New members can sign up here for a one-month free trial. CMT is an Amazon Affiliate.