Slice app - track your online purchasesIt only takes one trip to the mall with all four of my girls in tow for me to remember why I love online shopping so much. But between buying that box of diapers on Amazon, those cute shoes on The Mini Social and my cousin’s wedding present on Etsy, I’m suddenly drowning in order confirmation emails, shipping notices and tracking numbers.

That’s why I’m pretty geeked out over this new-to-me website and partner app called Slice. By linking Slice with my email account it searches through (*cough* hundreds *cough*) of messages in my inbox to pull out those that show information about any recent purchases.

From Etsy to Amazon to iTunes, Slice then pulls all those emails,
tracking numbers and shipping confirmations on to their website and app
and gives a simple (and stylish) way to keep track of it all. I can
scroll through all my orders at once or choose to see them broken down
in categories–ordered, shipped, or delivered. 

Slice appWhen
I click on an individual item it will give me any combination of
details about my order, including anticipated delivery date, and even how to get in touch with
customer service.

This app doesn’t lack in little
details that I love, either. The home screen gives a quick and easy
summary of open orders, orders on the way, and any that were delivered
today. And if you’re brave enough, you can even see a breakdown of how
many orders you’ve placed in the last year (or any other general time
frame) and the total amount of money you’ve spent. (Ouch.)

Another great
detail–within the app settings, you can tell it to ignore purchases
from iTunes and Netflix, where shipping and order tracking isn’t needed.
And if you’re one of those who adhere to a “Zero Inbox” policy (my
heroes!), you can delete any order-related emails from your inbox and
Slice will still keep a record of the information.

The best part might be that Slice will notify you if there’s a price drop on one of your recent
purchases and you’re eligible for a refund.

It should be noted that you’ll need either a Gmail or Yahoo email account for Slice to work. If you don’t, check out their FAQs for some possible work-arounds. 
For this mama, who prefers shopping from the comfort of her laptop
versus strolling through the local shopping center, this app keeps me
organized and on top of things. And it sure beats scrolling through my overwhelmingly packed
inbox looking for that one silly tracking number. -Molly

Slice is available online through their website. And the mobile version is available for iPhone in the iTunes store.