I’m a big fan of technology that gives people an opportunity to learn things they wouldn’t normally have access to. We’ve previously raved about the universally beloved Khan Academy, and now I’m thrilled that they’ve just released a mobile app.

Please disregard the knock-offs in iTunes that bear a similar name and go right for the authentic Khan Academy for iPad app. What’s incredible is that just like the site, all the content in the app is free, which is pretty amazing considering the vast amount of
information here.

There are already more than 2,700 videos on the app for math, science, biology, chemistry, history and more. Kids can supplement their current curricula and you can just add to your already vast amounts of knowledge (ha) with anything new you’d like to brush up on.

Khan Academy app

Track the videos you watch to earn “credits” and keep a personal log of your progress. And sit tight
for exercises that will be available on the app soon as well.

Although the interface is quite simple and it’s not the prettiest app, it’s free and gives you immediate access to thousands of hours of free education. Now that’s the kind of technology that’s priceless. -Jeana 

The Khan Academy for iPad app is available for free from iTunes.