Press Here app for kidsWe love everything about Press Here,
the amazing “interactive” children’s book by French artist Herve
Tullet. So we are thrilled to see that it’s now an app. And honestly,
there’s no better book to make the transition from page to iPad (and
iPhone, too).

On every page of the original book, kids follow commands and turn the page to see the results of their actions. The Press Here app is the same, only techified, featuring
colorful dots that kids can swirl across the screen and then watch what
happens–will they turn into a soccer game? A memory quiz? A music box? 
kids are totally mesmerized by tapping the dots and seeing what will
happen next. They call it the “dots game” and, in a way, they’re
right–it’s a game in which everybody wins. -Lexi

The Press Here app for iPad and iPhone is swirly, whirly, mesmerizing fun. $1.99
for iPad; $.99 for iPhone