Silly Face Swaps kids' coloring app from CrayolaHave you ever sat down to color with your kids? Not just doodle, but really dig in with the crayons, the markers, the familiar smell of construction paper…it’s really quite soothing, actually. I’d never want to give up the essential magic of real art supplies, but there are times and places that it makes sense to let the creativity flow without worrying about 73 broken crayon tips wedged into places they shouldn’t be.

If you like coloring apps for the kids, there’s a fun new one called Silly Face Swaps. This app was just released into iTunes, the marriage of Griffin Technology and Crayola on the heels of their ColorStudio HD.

The app features 11 different coloring pages, however each one has a
cut-out where you can insert your kid’s face from your photo stream.
Adjust the photo size and instantly turn your kiddo into an astronaut,
rock star, mermaid, pirate and more.

But the fun part is when you hit the little Crayola box at the bottom
and have instant access to crayons, markers and colored pencils in every
color imaginable. When you’re done, email the photo, post it to
Facebook or even print directly from the iPad, assuming you have an
AirPrint-enabled printer. 

Although the “animation” of the coloring pages is very
simple–pirate waves his arm, the clouds move slightly in the
background–the sound effects of the sea and the creaking of the boat
definitely makes up for the simplicity of movement. And hey–it’s your
kid’s face right there! Who cares about animation. -Jeana 

Silly Face Swaps by Crayola and Griffin is available for iOS for $1.99 in iTunes.