That kids always want to play with their food is no secret, and now they can (digitally speaking anyway), thanks to one of our all time favorite developers, Toca Boca. (Cue loud cheers.)

The funky Swedish developers have just come out with a messy monster edition of their super popular Toca Kitchen app. In Toca Kitchen Monsters, kids can cook up crazy concoctions for two hungry monsters–just check out the prickly purple thing on the bottom shelf of the fridge–who are more than happy to grunt and gurgle their approval (or disapproval) to the food put in front of them.

Eight different ingredients can be prepared any which way kids like–sliced, boiled, fried, mixed, raw–and only by exploring will they find out what the monsters like to eat. The frumpy, schlumpy music adds to the hilarity, and no time limits, rules or scores make parents happy, especially since Toca Boca never includes any third party advertising or in-app purchase options. Did I mention how much we love them? -Pilar

Download Toca Kitchen Monsters for iPad or iPhone in iTunes for FREE today only, April 5. Learn more about Toca Boca apps at