De Niro and Apatow for tribeca film festivalAh, those halcyon days of yore, back when I used to go to midnight movies downtown and see foreign films at the art house and pack a lunch for the Star Wars marathon at the megaplex.

Now the most exotic thing I see is Glee, and that’s from the comfort of my own bed.

So if I said you could go to the Tribeca Film Festival, you would laugh, right? You shouldn’t. (Well, unless you’re watching the movie about the CatCam.)

The 2012 Tribeca Online Film Festival. kicks off today, with four world premiere feature selections from the Tribeca Film Festival and five short films. Each film has limited screening windows and capacity through April 29. Catch the full lineup right here

Feature films that look appealing to me include short films like Neil LaBute’s BFF, and Edward Burns’ Doggy Bags. Plus the aforementioned Cat Cam, which is what happened when a
German engineer wanted to discover where his stray cat disappeared to
every day.

You can also catch a wrestling documentary narrated by Chris Pratt from Moneyball; an inspiring documentary about John Forte of The Fugees and his musical life in Russia; and the story of two teenage track hopefuls from from rural Ethiopia. That’s… about as far away from my daily life as you can get.

In addition to the films, some of the special events will be streamed online–and it seems like that includes the much anticipated 100 Years of Universal tomorrow at 3PM ET, hosted by Robert DeNiro and Judd Apatow. How great will that be?

There’s also some nice social media features, like “liking” the films on Facebook to distribute awards, or tweeting various American Express-sponsored hashtags to earn discounts.

All that culture, and you never have to take off your red polka-dot pajamas. And neither do I. ~Delilah

Here’s the full information on the Tribeca Online Film Festival running from April 18-29.