YUBZ handheld receiver
I used to spend hours wearing a path in the carpet and talking on our wall-anchored telephone. And though my tween daughter will be less, er, tethered when she finally gets her own phone, I know she will probably follow in my chatty footsteps. Still, I’ve heard those scary studies about mobile phone radiation, and know I’d feel better if she kept her future mobile phone away from her head. Which is why I’m digging this retro-looking handset solution to a 21st century issue.

Similar to the POP Phone, the YUBZ Retro Handset for Mobile Phones brings the good ol’ days of lying on the bed with a phone receiver on your head to the very modern days of cell phones.  Where YUBZ really stands out is in its new Artist series, which blows my boring old Harvest Gold phone out of the water with patterns like punky red plaid or funky modern art images. I also love their bold classic phones, especially those in shiny gold or silver. 
The YUBZ handset plugs into iPhones and Blackberry phones via a curly-q cord that can be stretched really far. This is pretty funny considering the phone itself will be likely in the speaker’s other hand and not stuck on a wall like in Ye Olden Days.

And for those crazy kids, or their parents, who want to whisper sweet nothings during Skype without blaring the entire conversation through the house, YUBZ sells an adapter called JACK that allows the handset to be plugged into your computer. 
My tween even likes to plug her YUBZ handset into her iPod and wander around the house listening to her songs. If that means I never have to hear Party Rock Anthem again, I’m all for it. Christina

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