Mujjo MacBook Air sleeveSince the second I brought my MacBook Air home, my husband has had one steely eye set on it. Probably two. So I am seriously considering make myself wife of the year, and getting him one of his own for Father’s Day. But if I do, I’ll be sure to present it tucked nicely in one of these amazing protective cases. 

The Mujjo Macbook Air Sleeve is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen, made from 100% wool felt that will keep your notebook protected. And uh, you’ll want some protection if you’re investing in a great notebook. I also like that the vegetable-tanned leather is hand-dyed using environmentally-friendly dyes, a cool detail in both function and execution. 
While you’re taking a peek, check out the Mujio iPad sleeves too, and the very cool iPhone wallet. For anyone who’s always misplacing their phone or wallet (or both?), it’s a little bit of brilliant.  –Kristen

You can purchase leather and wool felt Mujjo gadget covers from Mujjo