Who would’ve guessed that drawing would become a social media sensation? We’ve talked about popular apps like Draw Something and What Should I Draw. And now I’m having fun exploring a new– and free–app on the market that can hopefully take my doodling talent beyond little flowers, 3D cubes and stick-figure animals. (Yes, that is the extent to which I can doodle).

A cute website called can appease my doodling urges and keep
my pages clean. Dubbed a “social sketchpad,” combines
doodling with a social aspect. You create a doodle using the various
virtual writing implements offered and sketch to your heart’s content. When you’re finished, you can upload to Facebook and Twitter. (No Pinterest yet, sorry.)

Check out what a Doodlely user drew on the app after Steve Jobs announced his retirement. Pretty amazing, huh? Steve Jobs
There’s also a complementary Doodlely mobile app that
lets you get your doodle on, whenever and wherever you want. Weekly
contests offer inspiration with prompts like draw “a fat chef” or “an
angry pirate” – definitely beyond the scope of my doodling talents. If
you participate in the contest, you (or your kid) can draw something and
submit it to the community and let the doodling accolades flood in. But
if the contest isn’t your thing, the mobile app is still a fun way to
get creative somewhere besides the corners of phone bills and margins of
notepads. -Jeana

Doodlely mobile app is available for free from iTunes.

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