Food Network cupcake app
We’ve covered virtual cupcake baking apps and even cupcake ATM machines. But if you love cupcakes (and, really, who doesn’t?), here’s the killer iPad app you’ve been waiting for.

The Food Network Cupcakes!
is pretty much the best thing since cake mix. Beautifully designed, the
app comes with more than 100 cupcake recipes, tons of design ideas and
decorating tips that range from the simple to the elaborate in one handy

Planning a birthday party? Hit the Go-To Cupcakes section. Don’t know which to use–or how to make–swiss buttercream or seven-minute frosting? The Icing Guide
has got you covered. There are even sections dedicated specifically to
chocolate cupcakes and fun, fruity, filled ones. Yes, please!

Sprinkles and beyond - Food Network Cupcakes! app
it did take a few minutes for me to master the app’s navigation (it’s
not quite as intuitive as it is pretty), it was, uh, cake once I got
used to it. And the content, which includes tons of pictures, quick tips
and how-to videos, is super easy to follow.
Move over gourmet bakeries: $3 suddenly buys you a lot more cupcake. –Stacie

Find the he Food Network Cupcakes! app online from the iTunes store

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