Smartr contact list app
I remember the day I got my fancy new iPhone. And I also remember the day that I tried to go into my phone’s contacts to make my first phone call. There before me was a list of contacts that seemed to include the name of every person I’d ever emailed, seven versions of entries for my sister, and tons of names I didn’t even recognize.

While I appreciate how thorough my phone was trying to be, the whole thing remains an overwhelming mess that I’m going to clean up “one of these days.”

Sound familiar? We’ve found a cluttered contact solution and it’s so smart (and stylish) that whether you’re on iOS or Android, we think you may just be ready to switch to a new address book altogether.

The Smartr Contact List  integrates and syncs with the existing contacts on your phone. At this point you’re probably thinking why is this any different than what I already have–but
here’s where it gets “smart.” The Smartr app not only syncs with your
contacts, it also pulls in information from your email, calendar and
social networks. Each contact is not just a name on your phone, but
Smartr imports photos, and recent updates from social media sites like
Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Most importantly, it
pulls all the information for a person into one contact–no more six entries for the same person.

Smartr Contact List app
here’s what else I really love about this app: my contact list is no
longer alphabetical–Smartr ranks my contacts by those I interact with
the most. Plus on each contact page, I can find information on which email I
use the most when contacting that person (helpful for those of us who use
multiple accounts), a history of our most recent interactions and
emails, even a list of contacts we share in common.

Of course when the time
comes to find a specific person on my contact list, you can search by
first or last name, but also by email, company name or phone number. And the whole
thing is stored in the cloud, meaning the app isn’t overburdened by my
overwhelming list of years of contacts. –Molly

The Smartr Contact List is available for iPhone, and Android. And it’s FREE! What could get smarter than that?

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