The Three Little Pigs app for kidsIf you’re a traditionalist who doesn’t like people messing with classics like “The Three Little Pigs” on their iPad apps, then you might as well not read this post. 

Jekolab, an Italian app developer has recently
released a slightly less dramatic ebook version of the fairy tale classic with The Three Little Pigs audio book. Aimed at the 3-5 year old crowd, you’ll find story of Moe, Boe and Joe–three pigs who find themselves in need of a little shelter, with two ending up gobbled by the big bad wolf. 
Spoiler alert: In this version of the story, they’re not really dead. And guess what? The wolf makes it, too. 
Fun, bright illustrations bring simple interactive bits to life on every
page. From changing the background scenery with a simple swipe, to
bouncing a squeaky ball around the page, the activities are perfectly
simple to engage the preschool crowd. Plus you can read the book yourself or have it read aloud to your child.
Have your 3
year-old working on their French, Italian or Spanish? I also like that you can easily switch your language from the book’s home page. Sorry, no Mandarin. Yet. –Molly

Classical Tales: Three Little Pigs which is not entirely classical, is available for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store.