Tiny Tiger preschool app
My older sons are well-versed in the world of iPhone games — they’re lifesaving when I need them to be quiet in in waiting rooms and during long flights — but my two and half year old usually gets left behind. It’s fine by me, because he’s practically a baby still and doesn’t need electronics in his life, but he really wants to join in the fun his older brothers seem to be having and I can’t say I blame him. 

So when we discovered the adorable Tiny Tiger
app we gave it a shot. The activities are simple: The
child chooses one of three characters and they can dress them up, poke
their noses or play peek-a-boo. That’s pretty much it, but it’s plenty
for the youngest kids. The sound effects are very pleasant — like a
little toy piano — and there are no flashing animation or complicated

It’s basically an interactive board book, which makes it
perfect for the the littlest kids. And for parents who are skeptical about video games for preschoolers. – Roxanna

Download Tiny Tiger and Friends on iTunes

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