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My kids are at the age now when piggy banks are more than big rattles and loose change is no longer a choking hazard. Money is starting to take on new meaning–like when my son recently asked for new Bey Blades and I said he could save up for them with his own money. 

Now that allowances, birthday money, and loose change from the couch, are contributing to older children’s ability to make choices about what to do with their money, having a digital record of their cash and how they want to spend it is a good idea, and there’s an iOS app that can help.

Buckaroo is
a new mobile app that helps parents manage their kids’ funds and start
teaching them about money management. You can create profiles for each
child in your family, and add/delete funds, automatically tally
allowances and even set savings goals–like the Bey Blade, although my
son did decide he’d stick with his old set, after all.

Regardless of what kids want to purchase, you can easily check the app
to see what their current balance is, or set goals so they can work
towards their desired purchases. 

While I think the
$2.99 app fee is a bit too high, Buckaroo is a useful app is great for
anyone with kids who are starting to learn about the value of money. Or
Bey Blades. I’d keep an eye on it for a sale price.  -Jeana 

Buckaroo is available for $2.99 from iTunes. Note: For a limited time, the Buckaroo app is now only $.99! 

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