File this one under “for the kid who has everything” — unbelievably, outrageously, way super cool LED hula hoops.

If it weren’t for the splurgey price, I’d snatch up a few of these rechargeable LED hula hoops  immediately. Should you need a little justification, the price just dropped by $110 on the double-circuit hoop shown here. Or you can do a semi-splurge and go for the single circuit hoop. Or hey, just file it away for the holidays–there has to be someone in your life who doesn’t own one yet, right?

They can all be made to order with any color you’d like although honestly, I don’t think any color here is wrong. And they’ve got a one-year warranty should your next rave go a little rough on them. And by rave, I mean the neighbor kids in your driveway at night. –Liz

Order the awesome LED hula hoops from LEDCreations on Etsy.

[h/t trendhunter]