We’re already serious Spotify evangelists around here–this streaming, social music service is changing the way so many of us find and listen to new music. And the finding part is important, especially post-parenthood when I realized that sadly, seeking out new artists was kind of low on the priority list for me.

Now with today’s announcement, there’s one more reason to jump on the train: free mobile radio.

If you’ve got the free Spotify iOS app (sorry Android folks; hopefully yours is coming soon) for iPhone or iPad, you can now get unlimited access to radio as you can on your PC, only now when you’re on the go. The only price you pay is ads.

It’s available ad-free for premium users ($10/month) around the world, so if you’re considering an upgrade, the nice thing is you can grab it for free for 48 hours (and then for another 30 days) and see if it’s worth it for you.

This also levels the playing field a bit with Pandora; if you’re interested in our take on Spotify vs Pandora check out this helpful post. Now go discover some new tunes! My sigOth keeps telling me that there’s been a few new bands to come around since Radiohead. –Liz

Download the free Spotify iOS app now with streaming radio, starting today.

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