As someone who multitasks all day long with work and four kids, you can bet I need a bag that does the same exact thing. That’s why I’ve got my eye on the newest Kelly Moore camera bag slated to be ready to ship in just a couple of weeks.

Now I’ve long admired Kelly Moore camera bags, but her new Classic Bag is more up my alley. Not just because of the rich colors like the grey or (oooh) the Fuchsia, but because you can fit more than just a camera and your basic essentials. While this bag still featured the lined compartments to carry your camera, 2-4 lenses, and a ton of accessories, it also comes with a couple of front and side pouches, as well as a zipped back pocket that will fit an iPad.It’s all a little more realistic for someone who could never just hop around with a cute hobo bag stuffed with a camera.

Kelly Moore camera bags
I can’t think of a better way to ensure that you’ve always got your precious DSLR with you at all times so you never miss a photo without having to carry another bag for everything else we moms need to tote around. Fabulous! -Kristen

You can pre-order the new Kelly Moore Classic Bag on her site. According to them, it will ship late July. 

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