Eat Sleep newborn schedule tracking app
I fondly remember trying to track all the “activities” when my first was born, namely, diaper changes, feeding and sleeping. Back then, I had to rely on writing things down on Post-Its (and then forgetting where I left them). Now, there are so many more efficient ways of keeping track like with these 3 great newborn apps I recently featured and now, another I’ve come across.

The Eat Sleep app
tracks those three major activities that consume a baby’s (and your)
life – eating, sleeping (obviously) and diapers. While it doesn’t track
18 different things like some of the other newborn apps, it is free, and
it keeps your monitoring down to the essentials.

The preset data options make it easy to one-tap your
information in without having to type a lot or go through different
screens – super helpful when you only have one hand free. Simply tapping
on “right” side, “just finished nursing” and “15 minutes” and the app
automatically logs in your baby’s most recent feeding. Over time, you
can look for trends over a period of days, weeks or months. 
If I this app were around back when I had a newborn, imagine how many Post-It notes I would’ve saved. -Jeana 

Eat Sleep app is available for free on iTunes.

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