In every Cool Mom Picks monthly newsletter, we highlight our favorite quirky holidays of the month. (Hey, sometimes any excuse to shop, right?) And now here’s one our tech fans can get behind too: Embrace Your Geekiness Day.

Yes, it’s a real thing.

Geek Necklace

Because every day we pretty much embrace our inner geekiness, proudly and without apology, here are just of our favorite geek-chic accessories in its honor. What, you thought we’d recommend wrapping Urkel glasses with black tape? Please. This is 2012.

Above, the Geek Necklace from Piano Bench Designs.

tron legacy handbag

A swanky designer leather handbag inspired by–of all things–the movie Tron.

keds flickr sneakers by lumen bigott
Flickr Keds? Sure, and Facebook and Twitter too.

Binary code sterling silver cuff

Custom binary code jewelry that spells out something special in 1s and 0s.

felt social media pins

Handmade felt pins that pledge allegiance to your favorite social media channel.

A locket with something very special inside. (Not a photo of Steve Jobs.)

Orange Power Wellies

Wellies designed to charge your cell phone. Geeks are nothing if not practical.

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