My subpar geography skills are one of my husband’s favorite things to tease me about. Could I fill in that blank map of the 50 states we had to do in 6th grade? Note to self: 2013 resolution! But I still find our planet completely fascinating and get caught up in the wonder of discovering new things about our unique spot here in the universe. And I can think of a few kids who feel that way too.

If you are with me at all, then you will agree that the Living Earth app is a pretty amazing tool. It’s like having a live globe in your pocket.  It can pinpoint your exact location giving you all information including current temp, high-low for the day, sunrise and sunset times, even up to the minute cloud coverage with gorgeous HD graphics.

Kids will get a major kick out of this too. When its night time in your city you can see how it’s daytime somewhere else in the world. Or if you want to check in Miami Beach where Nana lives? Program in your favorite cities for quick access. You can also use it like a world clock if you’ve got family overseas and want to figure out the best time to Skype a birthday greeting.

It’s like a Swiss Army weather app! Not a bad deal for 99 cents. –Stephanie M

Download the Living Earth HD app for iPad or iPhone in the Apple app store and have the whole world at your fingertips.