R2D2 radio control watch
If you’ve got a kid with a big love for gadgets, Star Wars, and having cooler things than other kids in the class, we think we’ve found the perfect thing.

The R2-D2 watch
is no mere digital wristwatch, it’s got radio control powers too, that
can be used to control a tiny little R2-D2 toy. Unfortunately you can’t
use the (RC) force to turn Artoo to the dark side, but you can make him
walk a straight line or spin in a little circle and change direction. Sorry, no holographic projector.

When you’re not using him, the droid clips to your keychain or
presumably, a backpack. But don’t let him out in the elements for long.
We all knows what can happen then. –Liz

Find the R2-D2 radio control watch online at Think Geek for $29.99

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