If you’re a frequent reader, you know that we’re all pretty much smitten with the Sonos wireless speaker system, which we named a top pick of 2011 for both their wonderful technology and amazing customer support. But unlike some companies which create one hit product and then stop, Sonos continues to innovate, giving you even more reasons to start unwiring that old stereo and ditching the tinny laptop speakers that we’ve come to accept too easily.

Now: A brand new subwoofer called the Sonos Sub, to put all other subwoofers to shame. And I know, I think it’s weird too that I’d gush over a subwoofer.

Update: The Sonos Sub is now readily available at many electronic retailers including our affiliate Amazon.

Wondering if you need a subwoofer at all?

Well, you don’t. The alternative for great sound, according to most audio experts, is to set up two humongo tower speakers. And frankly, I know I’m not the only person in the world who doesn’t want my living room turned into a man cave of audio monstrosities. Especially the kinds that toddlers like to pull down on their heads, just for fun.

But the Sonos Sub changes all that completely. This subwoofer is described as having soul-shaking sound and a heart-pounding design and I couldn’t agree more. Just look at this beautiful, 15″ glossy device and you think, hey–that doesn’t look like the typical gigantic black box that I don’t want anywhere in my living room.

Sonos Sub subwoofer is a gorgeous bit of audio equipment | coolmomtech.com

It’s got amazingly rich sound with no buzz or rattle from the cabinet. I saw a demo in a small hotel room and then tried it out in my own living room, and I can attest to the fact that it sounds great in any sized room. And because of the innovative design, you can put it anywhere. Really. Put it flat under your couch, to the side of your TV console, or up on a bookshelf. The flexibility is terrific.

And as promised, it really does take just a single touch of a button to set up and connect with your Sonos system. Seriously, it was harder to get my point-and-shoot up and running.

Of course you can still get great sound out of a Sonos system without the Sub, which is obviously an investment. The Play:5 (above) is an amazing all-in-one speaker system, and the Play:3 is wonderful if you want a more compact speaker, particularly if you’re going to put one in each room. You can control them all from your Android, iPhone, and most recently, your laptop with the Sonos desktop apps, streaming “every song on Earth” from your playlists, to Sirius/XM stations, to whatever service you use, whether it’s Pandora, Spotify, or internet radio. You can even play the same song throughout your home, or different songs in different rooms at the same time which is pretty awesome when you don’t feel like listening to the hot new Elmo release that’s getting playtime in the kids’ room.

However if you do want the amazing sound of a subwoofer, the Sonos Sub is a way better (and better looking) option to me than a huge honkin’ black box, or pair of giant towers taking up precious floor space. And with sound like this, I’m sure even the man cave types will agree. -Liz

Find the brand new Sonos Sub subwoofer online through our affiliate Amazon

Thanks to Sonos for the comprehensive in-person demo, and for providing a Sub to Cool Mom Tech for editorial consideration.