Amazing Alex game for iOS and Android
One of my favorite games as a kid was MouseTrap, with that crazy three-dimensional Rube Goldberg device. In fact, I’m psyched that my kids love playing it as much as I do. This fantastic new app [edited] being distributed by the award-winning team behind Angry Birds absolutely reminds me of my old fave.

Amazing Alex does such a great job demonstrating to children how everyday objects can be transformed into crazy fun machines right in their own rooms. You have to help Alex place items in his room just right so that a ball goes into a basket. The game gets progressively harder with each level, but I love that you really have to think; one misplaced item can affect all of the ones after it. 

This is a perfect game for grade-schoolers, but a savvy preschooler may be fine with a little assistance. Or, if you’re like me, you may pass the iPad to your child and ask him to help you.

This game definitely doesn’t have the addictive quality of Angry Birds. Translation: you can turn it off and go do something else. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Plus, I hear the team at Rovio is working on an Angry Birds sequel, something about the pigs finally getting their day in the sun. Stay tuned for that one. –Eva
Amazing Alex, now from Rovio, is available at the app store and on Google Play for your Android.

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