Brewster content management appIf you’re like me, you’ve got Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, Twitter people, friends who aren’t on anything, a few scribbled on paper–let’s say it can get really hard to keep up with everyone. But thanks to a really unbelievable contact management app called Brewster, I can now consolidate everyone I know into one place, regardless of how I know them or where their info is stored.

Seriously, this could be life-changing.

Brewster is a great app for iOS (Android is coming!) that merges everyone’s social media profiles, contact
information and more into one place. Once you download the app to your
phone, you simply select which accounts you want to link to and then the
app’s cool technology does the rest.

(If you have a lot of contacts,
this download process can take a little bit of time. Be patient.) 

cool graphic interface organizes contacts by how often you are in touch
with them, which is super helpful if you think about it. It also creates lists of people you are in most constant contact
with, and even provides updates on job changes, birthdays, recent moves
and more. Plus you can receive friendly reminders to reach out to people
you haven’t spoken with in a while–if that won’t make you feel guilty. (Sorry, Aunt Joan.)

The current services the apps covers
are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, Foursquare and iPhone
contacts. So pretty comprehensive. I love that. –Jeana

Brewster contact management app is available for free from iTunes.