Go Sum math appI am all about tools that transform math problems into games that keep you engaged and thinking. So I am digging this new math app, Go Sum, because it is just perfect for kids that may be a bit math-phobic, while still keeping it interesting for the children that really love math. In my household, I have both, so we are the absolute perfect testers.

The best way to describe the Go Sum game is that it’s like a mathematical Scrabble board. Using a combination of
virtual tiles, each player has to lay them out so that they make sense.
For example, 2+2=4 but there are also multiplication and division
problems to boot. Each player has to add on to the last player’s problem,
and the board will sometimes add extra points depending on positions.
Go Sum is truly a thinking kid’s game without sacrificing the fun quota. That’s my kind of app. –Eva
Go Sum is currently available for iPhone and iPad at the app store.