Earlier this year, we discovered Springpad, and have since fallen in love with this amazingly helpful website. Far more functional than Pinterest for me, far more powerful than Evernote, I’m finding more and more that it’s packed with helpful curated “smart notebooks” that are perfect for parents; plus when you open your own free account, you’ll find a zillion ways to manage your own life better.

In fact, I’ve been using it myself a whole lot to keep track of everything from DIY projects, books I want to read, holiday wishlists, and favorite local restaurants–complete with links to reviews, videos, photos and maps.

Couple that with the intuitive mobile app (all platforms!), and all kinds of ways to customize the notebooks, and it’s like our dream organizational tool. For example, check out the example Cleaning Notebook, and see how a family can keep track of household chores, with a combination of
cool supplies, calendar prompts, and DIY checklists that you customize.

For the next few weeks, we’re excited to be partnering with Springpad to bring you some of our favorite Springpad notebooks that we think are worth a follow. Starting with these three:

Lifehacks by Gary S Block

Lifehacks Springpad Notebook

This notebook is just rich with helpful info about pretty much…oh, everything. I learned how to add an extra shelf to the fridge, organize a junk drawer, speed up your Dropbox account, and repurpose magazine racks for kitchen storage.

Healthy Recipes: A group notebook by Jennifer Jostedt, Lindsay Walsh, Jeff Janer and more.

Healthy Recipes Notebook on Springpad

More than just a bunch of pictures of food, the springs all contain with the actual recipe, plus links to wine pairings from Snooth.com. Turns out a Vietnamese Chicken and Mint Salad is great with Riesling, and Veggie Fajitas are made for Sauvignon Blanc. I also like that some of the springs, like low-fat high-fiber recipes, includes multiple recipes all in one place.

Cool New Stuff by JJ Chow and John Torres

JJ Chow Cool New Stuff Springpad Notebook

Packed with everything from awesome new gadgets to home organization ideas, we’re always inspired by this board curated by Springpad’s own CEO. Click through to a spring, and you get lots of practical info, like the video content as with this IKEA UPPLEVA–all without leaving Springpad or having to click through eight times to find the original source.

Bonus extra: Tech I [need] Want by Liz Gumbinner

Liz Gumbinner Springpad Notebook - Tech I Want

Am I allowed to like my own notebook? I do! Because this one is filled with some of my very favorite items from Cool Mom Tech that, in my dream world, I would own. Some of them twice. Just a thought as the holidays roll around…I love that in my Sonos Subwoofer Spring for example, I can also include reviews, links to purchase, and videos like the awesome one from Deadmau5.

Sign up for a free account from our partner Springpad and behold the possibilities. We think you’ll like it! There’s also an amazing support function so you can get help pretty quickly if you have any issues at all. Why can’t everyone have that?