Gadgets for big kids!Time for the four Rs: Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic, and Really Cool Tech. Here are some of our favorite techy picks for Back to School, all in one handy place. 

1. Coolest Laptop Bags for Big Kids – If your kid is taking a laptop or tablet to school, last year’s rangy backpack isn’t going to cut it. Here are five great choices to keep tech– and backs– safe. Bonus: They’ll work for you too! 

2. Must-Have Apps for Parents – Make your own life easier with these handy apps just for parents! Organization, scheduling, volunteering, reading, cooking, chores, and scrapbooking are yours for the click of a button! (And a couple of bucks.)

3. Educational Apps for Little Kids – Little kids might feel left out after bigger kids get on the school bus. These apps will keep them entertained and learning!

4. Cool Gear and Gadgets for Big Kids – We all know the secret to fun is in the accessories. Check out the gadgets and gear kids need to maximize learning– and waking up– in style.

5. Gadgets and Services – Keeping your family organized can be a full-time job. These gadgets, doodads, and services can help relieve the pressure and make back-to-school a whole lot easier and enjoyable. 

6. Educational Apps for Big Kids – We parents know that learning doesn’t just happen at school. So with this round-up of amazing edu-apps for your big kids, tweens, and teens, they’ll get a little extra boost in everything from science to art, and almost every subject in between. 

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