Punky Dunk and the Gold Fish kids' iPad app
I love sharing old storybooks I’ve saved from my childhood, though brittle bindings and fragile pages mean it’s definitely a “look but don’t touch” type of story time. 

But in the case of this charming one-hundred year old, new-to-me story that has just been reissued as an iPad app, my kids don’t have to hesitate to put their hands all over the pages. 

{Keep reading to learn how you can win a free download code of this storybook app}

First published in 1912, Punky Dunk and the Gold Fish is a sweet little story about a cat whose curiosity gets the best of him. What makes this simple rhyming story special is how nicely the quaint illustrations and watercolors from the original print edition work alongside modern iPad technology. Touch Punky Dunk’s fur and hear him purr. Tilt the iPad back and forth to see the bird cage sway. Touch the plant’s flowers to make them ring a note. 

Punky Dunk and the Gold Fish app
I especially appreciate that all of these functions happen without disturbing the narration of the story since my kids cannot sit patiently and wait for the narration to finish before they see how many touch-screen elements there are.

Punky Dunk and the Gold Fish can be heard in English or Spanish with text in either language appearing on the bottom of the screen, just as if you were reading a hardcover book. I really like the quiet background music which adds, not distracts, from the story. 

And you know what else is the cat’s meow? That there are a couple more Punky Dunk stories just waiting to be transformed into interactive apps as well.  Christina

Download a copy of Punky Dunk and the Gold Fish app for the iPad via iTunes.

Update: Congratulations to Emma I!  She won a free download of Punky Dunk and the Gold Fish.

EXTRA COOL: WIN IT! We have a free download of Punky Dunk and the Gold Fish to pass on to one reader who sends an email to contests@coolmompicks.com by midnight PT with PUNKY DUNK in the subject line, and include the name one of the actors who narrates either the English or Spanish version of this story. We’ll pick one lucky winner at random. Good luck! 

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