As someone who often sends birthday notes and thank-yous through emails and texts (sorry Emily Post), I fell in love with the beautiful Cartolina app back when it first launched. 

Digital stationery | Cartolina Mailroom app

Well now Cartolina has launched a new app that still allows you to send electronic greetings with digital stationery, but with a more professional look. 

Their new Mailroom app is perfect for those of us who have good intentions for sending handwritten notes but don’t necessarily have the time to do it. The 21 retro-inspired templates that look like beautiful stationery, allowing you to send thank-you letters, business memos, and more, right from your smart phone. Just choose a design, start typing, then hit send; your note gets attached to an email as a jpg, or save to your photo gallery to send it as a text. 
Cartolina Mailroom app
It’s certainly a way to make an impression on business colleagues, clients, or customers (ahem Etsians!), but it’s also a nice touch for any digital interaction, which lately seems to be like most of the ones I’m making. And a genius solution for we parents who need to make the  most of the limited time that we have. -Kristen

You can download the Mailroom App from Cartolina at for $1.99.