With holiday card season around the corner (eek!), I’m already making my lists and checking them twice to make sure I have everyone’s addresses. In between the numerous places I store contact information, there are a lot of addresses that need updating. Luckily, I’ve discovered a dead simple, free online address book management site called Postable that can help me fill in those holes.

Postable helps manage contacts and consolidates everyone’s information into one place. The concept is quite similar to conXt, another contact management site I just wrote about. I really like the interface and the clean look and feel of Postable. But it is very simple. There is no option to upload contacts from Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, and so on–just good old fashioned manual entry and/or an Excel spreadsheet.

Postable address request form

For people’s addresses you don’t have, you can ping them on Facebook, send a text or even simpler, just email them through Postable to request they fill in a simple form that automatically updates your address book. The good thing is, unlike similar apps on Facebook, they’re not signing up or opting into anything when they do.

Trying to gather this information for your contacts and put them in one place is definitely an ongoing and time-consuming process. But it’s one of those things that’s definitely worth the investment, especially when you won’t have to be scrambling on Dec. 20th.

Organize your address book online for free at Postable.