Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an app that could tell you about exciting historical places you might not even known were there? Like, right now? Right here, where you’re standing? Meet HISTORY Here.

Developed by The History Channel, it’s packed with thousands of points of interest throughout the United States–think battlefields, museums, historical homes–with history buff experts from the channel adding new locales all the time.  What an amazing teaching tool for your kids while you’re on the road.

Photos, videos and interesting factoids related to the location’s history make entries interactive, and if you want to check out a location not currently within searching distance, that’s cool, too; the app lets you look up pretty much any city or zip code whether you’re in it or not.

HISTORY Here app

Once you’ve settled on a location you want to know more about, simply tapping on its flag within
the map it pulls up will give you a description, and if applicable, a phone number and URL. From there you can favorite a location for quick reference later, or share it right away on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

It’s free but you’ll notice the fixed “shop here” ad at the bottom, directing you to the History Channel e-shop. Presumably because you may be inclined to learn more about your current location with a Breaking Vegas or Haunted Philadelphia DVD.

Not all entries are as expansive as others obviously, but hey, the developers seem open to feedback and flag-worthy suggestions. -Pilar

Download HISTORY Here on iTunes for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch for free (!) on iTunes.

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