rPet 100% recycled iPhone case
Between my penchant for dropping things and four kids at my heels, there’s no way I’d walk around without a case protecting my iPhone 5. But the back is just so pretty it sort of pains me not to be able to show it off. So I looked for a few different cases, covers, and sleeves that might allow me to showcase the gorgeous design of my precious iPhone 5 while still keeping it protected. 

I had my eye on the rPet 100% recycled cases when we first featured them, and now that they have an iPhone 5 version, I’m even more tempted. I love all the pretty colors, and that they save water bottles from hitting the landfills.

Mari Forssell Stash iPhone 5 sleeves
If you’re not digging the hard case, you could try a sleeve, like these pretty upcycled tweed iPhone 5 covers from Stash which even have a hole for earbuds. I’m a fan of artist Mari Forssell’s beautiful handmade MacBook Air cases, which keep your gadgets protected in your bag, but then easily accessible when you need to use them. 

Cross back iPhone 5 case | Quirky

I love the Quirky cross back case on Fab.com, which is such a unique way to safely display the back of your iPhone 5 while still letting the look show through.

Felt iPhone 5 sleeve | Bholsa

The Bholsa felt iPhone 5 sleeve, made by hand in Portugal, has space for your credit cards and your phone, which is super handy for those quick trips to the store when you don’t need to lug your entire diaper bag or purse.  

iPhone 5 case with clear back | Haze

The new Haze iPhone 5 case has a clear back but adds in a little more protection with a contrasting hard shell ring. I’m really digging the cool color combinations as well. It’s like the iPhone 5 and the Haze were made for each other. Which they were. –Kristen

Looking for more cool iPhone 5 cases? Make sure to check our archives! 

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