There are two things you should know about me as a chronicler of my kids’ lives: 1. I take lots of photographs of them on various devices. 2. I do absolutely nothing with those photographs. I have a sneaky suspicion that I am not alone in this, however, and now there is a fantastic app/photobook for folks like us who struggle with picture-follow-through.

Mosaic is an iOS app (updated: and now on Android!) that is so easy to use that it lets you create a physical photobook in minutes, as promised. Install the free app on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini, tap once to pull up your entire camera roll, scroll through and select twenty of your favorite pictures (yes, only twenty. You can do it!) Then flip through the book preview, press order… and you’re done.

Within 48 hours, a message flashes on your device screen that your Mosaic has been shipped and in two more days you receive a beautiful little book in the mail with a cool mosaic-y cover made of clips of the photos inside the book.

I tried it out and found the quality quite high, especially for the comfortable price of $20; and  even the box that contains the photobook is so nice, that Mosaic is made for gift-giving. Can you guess what my kids’ grandparents are getting for Christmas?

Download the free
Mosaic photobook app for iOS at the Hey Mosaic website.

Update: the Mosaic photobook app is now available for Android!