For those of us who travel a lot, tech is it’s own gift. It’s our lifelines, our memory preservers, our connection home to our families (thank you, universe, for video chat, on behalf of all parents who travel). And sometimes, tech is our way of keeping our families happy so we can get a little vacation out of our vacation too.

While these are all $30 or less, at any price, we’d love love to get all of them under the tree this year.

Ten foot iOS Cable
Everyone knows charging tech on the road is a constant hassle, but more so when you’re sitting next to the wall outlet on the airport floor. These 10′ cables are so handy–and beautiful too ($24,Flight 001)

Tech gifts for travelers: GoGo wireless gift card

GoGo Wireless Gift Card
I used to think that it was exciting to get to watch Bravo from 30,000 feet up, until I realized that there was WiFi too. ($30 and up, GoGo Air)

Tech gifts for travelers: Griffin Kindle charger

PowerBlock Micro Wall Charger for Kindle
Those e-readers can get quite the workout on the road, so we love this Griffin wall charger that plus in anywhere, charges quickly, then folds up the prongs so you can tuck it safely back in your bag. There’s a detachable USB cable too for syncing. ($24.99, Griffin Technology)

Tech gifts for travelers: Nikon LensPen

Nikon LensPen
Found this handy camera lens and screen cleaner recently and loved it so much, it’s in our Holiday Tech Gift Guide for photographers. But anyone on the road will appreciate the handy size that’s made for travel. ($7.99, Amazon)

Tech gifts for travelers: Coloud headphones

Coloud In-Ear Heapdhones
We’ve learned that sometimes the most expensive headphones aren’t the best headphones for travel. Especially when you have the tendency to leave them on the plane. Ahem. Sweden’s Coloud makes some very cool, affordable earbuds in great colors. ($14.99, Target)

Tech gifts for travelers: Belkin tunecast universal

Belkin TuneCast Universal
When you find yourself in a rental car without Sirus/XM it’s nice to have a gadget like this, which lets you play all your MP3s through the car’s FM tuner. ($29.99, Belkin)