Not everyone needs mega protection for their devices. If you’re getting new tablet or phone this holiday like zillions of other people, a sleeve is all you need for easy access, basic protection, and well, style. And these eco-chic handmade options I found on Etsy are a great low-tech solution to a high-tech need.

WormeWoole is otherwise known as Northern Wisconsin’s Sara Orme, who does really nice work mostly with upcycled cashmere and wool sweaters–something I imagine she has a lot of access to in Northern Wisconsin!

I love her scarves and small accessories, but what really caught my eye is her extensive selection of eco-chic, upcycled iPad and e-reader covers, plus a lot of cool options for iPhone sleeves–some of which still look like actual sleeves.

Upcycled cashmere iPad cover | WormeWoole
Upcycled cashmere iPhone cover | WormeWoole
Upcycled cashmere Nook reader cover | WormeWoole
Upcycled cashmere iPhone cover | WormeWoole

Look around the shop and you’ll pretty much find something for nearly any device in so many cool colors and patterns. If you’re wondering if your phone or tab will fit in her case, convo her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s got a stockpile of cozy woolens, ready to come home with you and your shiny new tech.

In fact psst..I know it’s the complete opposite of high-tech, but I know a couple of cute girls who are going to have some handmade personalized ornaments with their initials on them hanging on the tree next week. Maybe after the holidays, we’ll hang them on the gadget covers to stop them from fighting about whose turn is next?  –Liz

Handmade personalized initial ornaments

Find lovely upcycled iPad, smart phone, Nook and Kindle covers online at WormeWoole