Watching my daughter have to think hard while she is playing with an educational app makes me smile big. And being able to finally take advantage of the booming educational app market is a joy when presented with some of the amazing options out there.

Our newest child-approved discovery is all about helping kids to read. And as far as I am concerned, educational apps like this are as liberating as throwing extra veggies in my daughter’s quesadilla.

Kindergarten Reading app | Duck Duck Moose

Just out: the Kindergarten Reading app from the award winning developer Duck Duck Moose which always does a great job with their apps.

Kindergarten Reading app: spelling practice

bright, fun animal-themed app was developed by an early educator to beginning readers with phonics, sounding out words, spelling, and
learning lower case letters. A cute animated Milo the Meerkat cheers you
on as you progress through each level of the game where the goal is to
collect animals to build and design your own zoo.

And really, who
doesn’t want their own zoo?

Kindergarten Reading app: phonics

The animals are silly and
playfully encourage the learning interactions for a preschooler or kindergartener. Games like feeding the
alligator all the words that start with the sound of a letter keeps the
player thinking and moving fast. 

For parents, the app also features a
cool reporting tool to can track your child’s progress. Pretty cool if
you are trying to give your kids an extra educational boost when she begs for your iPad or phone. And that’s a lot, or so I hear. Stephanie M

The Kindergarten Reading app from Duck Duck Moose is available for $1.99 for iPhone or iPad in the iTunes store.