Brewster contact management appThese days, with contacts in virtual address books, real address books (yes, I still use one), Facebook, LinkedIn, and apps galore, it’s getting increasingly essential to find a way to organize your contacts and streamline them in one place.

Luckily, we’ve covered some great services and apps for precisely that purpose. Here are a few of my favorites. -Jeana 


organize contacts on your mobile phone, Brewster is a great app for iOS
(Android is coming!) that merges everyone’s social media profiles,
contact information and more into one place. Using services like
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more, Brewster automatically creates
lists of people you are in most constant contact with, and even provides
updates on job changes, birthdays, recent moves and more. All from your
mobile phone. How smart. (Free, iOS)

For those friends’ addresses you don’t have, you can ping them
on Facebook, send a text, or even simpler, just email them through
Postable to request they fill in a simple form that automatically
updates your address book. The good thing is, unlike similar apps on
Facebook, they’re not signing up or opting into anything when they do. (Don’t you hate that?) 
But keep in mind that unlike the other services mentioned above, there
is no option to upload contacts from Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, and so
on–just good old fashioned manual entry and/or an Excel spreadsheet. 
makes it easy to organize contact information in one place on the web.
You start by signing up for a free account and then can import contact
information directly from Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and Facebook,
or request that conXt send emails directly to people you want
information from. Once you have people’s information saved, you can
categorize, tag, mark birthdays–whatever you need to do to stay
of smart, Smartr is another cool contacts organization app that works
in similar ways as Brewster, namely organizing by frequency of contact
and updating automatically. But Smartr also includes helpful information
like which email address is used the most for a particular contact
(like for that person who has eight different emails), as well as a
history of the most recent interaction AND contacts that are shared in
common. It’s like a contacts app and a pseudo social network in one.
(Free, iOS, Android, Blackberry)

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