BellySnaps pregnancy reveal appI remember when we were pregnant and pretty much counting down the days until we could
announce it to the world. We of course were not together enough to spill
the beans in any clever fashion but rather did so in a deluge
of texts, emails and phone calls.  But if you’re the type who wants to put the time and care into your birth announcements, not only do I admire you, but there’s now a great app to help you out.

The BellySnaps app for the iPhone allows even the busiest mommies and daddies let the world know they
are expecting with ease. This nifty tool provides stylish and well
designed graphics to customize your special announcement. Browse frames in a variety of styles ranging from toothache sweet to totally hipster. I personally love the #pregnant frame.

Photo frames | BellySnaps pregnancy announcement app

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and monthly updates, are
available too to help you keep up with those family members who really are dying to hear every last detail. Plus there are gender reveals and birth announcements; just upload the image you want to use- whether its you
and your honey beaming, a shot of your growing belly or even your brand new baby, frame the shot, and then share it with as many folks as you want, right from the app.

It’s like high-tech nesting. How awesome. –Stephanie M

Snatch up the BellySnap app at iTunes for .99 and keep your friends and family up to date on your progress in style.