We’ve featured lots of waterproof iPhone cases here on Cool Mom Tech because they’re pretty much genius for parents. But most of them, like the EscapeCapsule and the Scuba Suit, aren’t necessarily made for everyday use. That’s all about to change with a huge trend we saw over and over again at CES 2013: Everyday waterproof smartphone cases. Here’s what to expect as these start hitting the shelves over the next few months.

Oh, and by the way…to every snarky tech blogger who jokes that waterproof cases are just for SCUBA divers? Clearly you don’t have children.

Lifeproof Waterproof Cases

The folks at Lifeproof are really the pioneers of the everyday waterproof iPhone case (above) which we’ve featured here on Cool Mom Tech. And while they didn’t launch a new product at CES, we’re loving the new iPhone 4/4S Lifeproof color cases (which are on sale right now, by the way!). We’ll be keeping our eye out to see what they’ll be launching next. ($79.99)

Griffin Survivor Waterproof Case

Griffin Waterproof Cases

We saw the amazing new Survivor + Catalyst waterproof iPhone 5 case first hand, as it sat dunked in a tank of water right in front of us. Not only can you take it down to about 10 deep, but you can also still charge your iPhone battery while it’s still in the case. And I love how it comes in so many different color options too. Not for deep sea diving but perfect for playing around in the pool. Or uh, accidental tips there. As we know. ($79.99)

Mophie Outride waterproof case for action videos

Mophie Outride Case

We’re familiar with the Mophie juice packs and charging cases, but at CES we were introduced to the new Mophie Outride, which is a little different than the traditional waterproof cases. This one is more of a protective cover for your iPhone so it becomes an active camera, very much like the GoPro. With the ability to pop the Outride case right on your iPhone, and then attach it to your helmet or chest, even, you eliminate having to purchase and carry another camera with you. It could be huge. ($149.95 – includes accessories)

Otterbox waterproof iPhone Case

Otterbox Cases

With their whole family of protective cases, we’re not surprised that Otterbox jumped into the waterproof case game with their brand new Otterbox waterproof Armor case coming out mid-February. It features an O-ring seal, port covers, and mesh coverings to keep the water completely out. Clearly they’re looking to give Lifeproof a run for their money. ($99.99)

Incipio iPhone 4 Atlas Waterproof Case

Incipio Cases

While I didn’t personally get to see the new Incipio Atlas Waterproof case at CES, I’d be remiss not to mention it here since it’s the first waterproof case that actually comes with a device warranty. Awesome! Right now, it appears to only be for the Verizon iPhone 5 right now, so hopefully they’ll launch an AT&T version soon. ($79.99)

For more cool iPhone cases, make sure to check our archives. And don’t miss our round-up of CES 2013 trends

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