This year, my husband and I decided to have a low key Valentine’s Day, which is perfectly fine with me since I’m busy printing hundreds of last-minute classroom valentines for my kids.

I’m probably still going to buy a little gift because well, I just can’t help myself, but I’ve also got a few ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day extra special all using tech we already have in our house, from “mix tapes” to…well, poetry. Seriously.

Make a Spotify “Mix Tape

I make Spotify playlists for everything, like my kids’ birthdays or holidays, so why not make one filled with romantic songs and share it with your spouse like you used to do with mix tapes a long time ago. Aw, remember those? You could even make one full of fun, silly love songs to play for your kids over a Valentine’s Day breakfast.

Last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas: Photos on a flash drive

Add photos to old USB Flash Drives

Whether it’s photos of the kids for the Grandparents or sweet (or sexy!) photos of you and your sweetheart popped into his laptop bag, I love the idea of taking all those USB Flash drives you might have stuffed in junk drawers and regifting them in a very cool way. Maybe you even have a red one lying around?

Last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas: ebooks on a Kindle

Load e-books on a Kindle

There’s no shortage of romantic titles out there, volumes of poetry, even books that are a little bit racy, like our Editor Kristen’s own sexy book for moms. So how about adding a few surprise books on a Kindle or NOOK for a sweet surprise when your Valentine opens it up to read? Or if your kids use a Kindle like mine, you could add a couple of Valentine’s Day e-books for a little treat.

For more Valentine’s Day gifts you can make yourself, check out our Valentine’s Day guide over on Cool Mom Picks.

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