Even though it can be a bit challenging finding great Android apps for kids, we are always looking. But what makes our jobs easier is when we find cool apps and ebooks for preschoolers that are available for both iOS and Android users–especially great if you’ve got a dual-platform home.


Here, 8 more of our favorite apps that are worth a download for your preschooler, whatever your platform. (Well, not Windows yet. Sorry.)

Toca Boca Hair Salon 2

If your kids are like ours, they won’t want to put the newest Toca Boca app down. Even my 8-year old daughter has a ball with in. Oh who are we kidding? We actually love playing it ourselves. Plus, they just added two charming new characters so upgrade if you already own it!  ($2.99 on iOS and Kindle Fire)


Nosy Crow Rounds: Franklin Frog on Nook

Rounds: Franklin Frog

Your science loving little ones will love the first Android release from Nosy Crow, which allows them to track the life cycle of a cute little frog. ($4.99 on iOS and NOOK Tablet)

Pepi Bath

What’s not to love about an app that encourages kids to wash their hands and take a bath? We’ll take all the help we can get. And don’t miss their newest release that we just featured, Pepi Tree. ($1.99 on iOS and Google Play)

Amazing Alex App Review on Cool Mom Tech

Amazing Alex

This app does a fantastic job of showing kids how everyday objects can be transformed into crazy fun machines right in their own rooms. It’s aimed more at grade schoolers, but a savvy preschooler will catch on just fine. ($0.99 on iOS and Google Play).

Tale of Benjamin Bunny app review on Cool Mom Tech

Benjamin Bunny

This gorgeous e-book is a perfect addition to your library, particularly with Easter approaching. Be sure to check out all of Loud Crow Interactive’s wonderful ebooks from favorite authors like Sandra Boynton. ($4.99 on iOS and Google Play)

Dude, Where's My Water App Review on Cool Mom Tech

Dude, Where’s My Water?

We might just have as much fun as our kids do trying to get Swampy the water for his shower. And make sure to get the Dude, Where’s my Holiday? version which is updated as different holidays, like Valentine’s Day, approach. Even a year later, our kids still aren’t bored of this one. ($0.99 on iOS and Google Play)

Dr. Seuss app reviews on Cool Mom Tech

Dr. Seuss Apps

The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories is just one of the many Dr. Seuss apps from OceanHouse Media that our kids love. And much easier than lugging all those hardback books with us. ($8.99 on iOS and Google Play; prices of other apps vary)

Angry Birds Star Wars review on Cool Mom Tech

Angry Birds Star Wars

Just when I thought I was pretty much done with Angry Birds, Rovio launches Angry Birds Star Wars last year and my whole family is completely addicted all over again. Guilty pleasure? Or essential lesson in hand-eye-coordination, physics, and The Force? Yeah, we’ll go with that. ($4.99 on iOS and Google Play)

For more cool apps for kids, make sure to check our archives!

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