When we discovered the EggBot, we were like uh, wow. (Actual quote.) You have to be pretty into Easter Egg decorating to invest in that thing. But, I admit sheepishly, it’s been on my brain all this time. And hey! Now there’s a deluxe version which…ooh.



eggbot deluxe kit on cool mom tech


The Eggbot Deluxe is a little bit of frivolous technological genius. It’s like the best of robotics, meets a 3-D printer, meets ready-for-Pinterest holiday crafts gone mad. And now with more tightness and accuracy. You control it from the Inkscape illustration program on your computer, which lets you draw your own image, trace a favorite photo, or import designs you like.

The cool thing is that the machine draws on any spherical object (up to 4.25″ in diameter) so it could be great for Christmas ornaments or even home decor too, if you’re the type who puts little pretty balls in bowls for a centerpiece.

This is not one for the kiddies; it needs a lot of thought and assembly. Unless you’ve got a tween who is a robotic prodigy. Which, these days, wouldn’t be unexpected at all. –Liz

Find the EggBot Deluxe kit online at Fat Brain Toys