Ringya organization app on Cool Mom Tech If your fridge is like mine, it’s covered with artwork, kids’ papers from school and class lists that I’m just too busy to input into my address book, computer or phone. Well how about an app that can do it all for you?


Lo and behold, Ringya is very cool app for iOS and Android that lets you snap a photo of any kind of contact list, be it a class list, an employee list, a carpool list, you name it, and it automatically gets digitized and input into your phone.

The info is added to “Rings” that you designate within the app for topics like kids, school, work, to-do, which is so helpful. What’s more, it keeps all your contacts organized too so that when you are in a bind and need someone from your kid’s class to pick him up, all of the other parents are easily accessible in your phone– as opposed to on your fridge at home.

The cool part is it doesn’t even have to be a paper list that you’re scanning. If you have an Excel spreadsheet or even an email with parents’ addresses on it, you simply send it to rings@ringya.com and it automatically gets input into your account. I know, genius! And of course, you can manually enter rings as well.

I tried it out with a list of moms who volunteer at my son’s school and within 20 minutes, everyone’s email address was in a ring in the app. Think of how much time that saves!

Ringya app digitizes paper lists on Cool Mom Tech

In addition, you can also share your rings with friends and even message everyone at once, which is really helpful when it comes to school activities. And when anyone from the app calls you, it automatically identifies them by your ring classification–which is helpful for those of us who forget if Judy is the mom of your kid’s friend in gymnastics or the school play.

Ringya is truly one of those apps that is a godsend for parents like me. Bonus: I can now see my fridge again. Jeana

Ringya is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.