I have shared custody of my phone… with my daughter. Basically it’s mine pretty much everywhere but the car. When I am driving on long trips, I know don’t need the tempation of checking mail I know is waiting for me, so I am a-okay to let her at it. In my recent freshening of of her iOS app selections I found what might be one of the best car choices yet.

More Trucks iOS app for kids on Cool Mom Tech

More Trucks app by Duck Duck Moose takes a fan favorite and rolls with it. As a follow up to the award winning Trucks app, More Trucks seems to have a little bit of everything to challenge your pre-schoolers.

Driving, racing, and building games put focus on skills like stacking, problem solving and construction which is just perfect if you have active and curious mini roadsters in tow. Not too easy but not too challening either, the variety of games here are a good bit of fun that will keep the attention of boys and girls.

Racing in the More Trucks app | Cool Mom Tech

Fun with cranes in the More Trucks app | Cool Mom Tech

The favorite around here is the driving game that reminds me of my early Nintendo days; while it’s not Rad Racer, its still pretty great. Pick your vehicle and hit the open road to collect coins and bonuses, earning new trucks as you pass levels. Did I mention you can flip your truck too? (in a totally non-violent way of course.)

Other games let you operate a crane to build structures and then knock them down with a wrecking ball, drive a firetruck while putting out fires along the road. or stack up cars in a junk yard. All of this without getting your Oshkoshes greasy. And as I said before, for the car, this is awesome. What kid wouldn’t want to pretend they are driving right along with us?

As usual with Duck Duck Moose apps, I feel this is well worth the $1.99. It’s a great way to keep your little back seat drivers occupied and to rev their engines until it’s time to refuel.  –Stephanie M

Download the cool kids’ app More Trucks in the app store for iPhone and iPad and keep on truckin’.