While I’m certainly the type of mom who’d appreciate oh, a cool vintage Polaroid for Mother’s Day, it doesn’t mean I’m not the candle and bath salts type too.  Which is why I’m giggling at this Mother’s Day gift idea that brings them all together.

The Instant Camera Beeswax Camera brings me back to my Polaroid days, but if old school instant snaps aren’t your thing, there’s also a transistor radio candle and–be still my vintage loving heart–a super 8 camera candle.

They’re all handmade in Seattle out of 100% natural beeswax, in a collaboration between Big Dipper Wax Works and design firm UrbanCase. Each one burns for about 24 hours, which, hey–that’s nearly as long as the Betamax lasted! –Liz

Find the Retired Technology Beeswax Candle Collection online at Branch Home.

Psst, it’s a cool addition to a camera-themed party or baby shower idea along with these awesome camera printables!