Xbox Controller rug on Cool Mom Tech
Need a special gift for that little gamer in your life? Then check out some must-see room decor that will earn you high scores for sure.

Harmonden’s “pixel” crochet pieces make great throw rugs or bright wall hangings for the kid obsessed with Super Mario, Minecraft, Megaman, and other characters and games. 

I love how the little crochet squares work so perfectly for the pixelated shapes of the running Mario and Luigi, as well as the Super Mario mushroom. And the Giant 8 Bit Xbox Controller Rug would look awesome on the side of my son’s bed.

Super Mario rug on Cool Mom Tech

Prices are also pretty great, with some of the smaller, less-detailed rugs starting at only $20, going up to around $50 for more complicated styles. 

Minecraft fans will probably love sleeping near a Creeper—don’t worry, this one won’t explode—though I find the square shape is a little less crisp when created out of crochet squares which have a bit of variance to the edges.

Don’t see what you want in the shop? Message the Etsy shop owner and collaborate on your own idea for a pixel-y rug. Me? I’d want a few brightly colored Pac Man ghosts floating around the floor so I could make that noise when the kids step on one. You know what I mean. –Christina

Check out Harmonden’s “pixel” crochet pieces for the floor or wall at Harmonden’s website.

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