The last time I went to a live music concert was… oh, alright, I can’t even remember. I’m sure I’m not the only parent with that answer. And that’s exactly why I’m intrigued by EVNTLIVE.

Watch concerts live with EVNTLIVE on Cool Mom Tech

The concept is pretty simple. And pretty brilliant. Watch your favorite live and recorded music concerts for free (or close to it) in the comfort of your home, or on the go on your phone or tablet. Now it’s not like there aren’t other places you can go to see live (and recorded) concerts, but EVNTLIVE touts a better, more interactive experience, with artist stories, videos, and a social media component too.

EVNTLIVE on Cool Mom Tech

It’s currently in invitation-only beta right now, and the band and artist selection, while diverse, isn’t as full or deep as I would like. But given the backing and need for a site like this, I’m guessing once EVNTLIVE actually goes live, you’ll see a lot more recognizable artists, particularly if you’re like me and don’t generally keep up with what’s hot on the popular or even the indie charts.

And it could be a great way to expose kids to the awesomness of concerts without forking over hundreds of dollars for a ticket. Not as fun, perhaps, but way cheaper  than taking your daughter and her friends to see One Direction or the Biebs for her birthday.

And hey, I just got a free ticket to Bon Jovi’s upcoming show from the comfort of my home. No sitter needed, and cheaper drinks too. Kristen

Keep your eyes out for the launch of EVNTLIVE coming soon!

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