If there’s one tech trend we’re excited about, it’s the increasing number of solar chargers (and not just because cord nests that grow around our outlets make us crazy). Now there’s one more I discovered and it’s not just smart, it’s pretty. Hey, I like pretty!

XD Design Solar Window Charger | Cool Mom Tech


The XD Design Solar Window Charger can be stuck right to your window, with the solar panels facing out, even while it’s plugged into your device on the windowsill (preferably in the shade) via USB or Mini USB. It’s just over a half-inch thick, and the sweet colors mean it’s not a major eyesore either. One caveat: they don’t recommend it for charging tablets, but I imagine it would be fine for smaller gadgets like phones, Bluetooth headsets, and maybe a quick boost to a dying battery in a point-and-shoot.

XD Design Solar Charger | Cool Mom Tech

Personally, I think this is genius for the car, where you may have more passengers in need of charging than actual outlets. And it sure beats those goofy window decals. –Liz

Learn more about the XD Design Solar Window Charger on their website, or purchase from the US at LBC modern for $70.